NGLL Managers Meeting

Hi All,

Quick update following the NGLL managers meeting on Monday

  1. Player registrations
    1. Players need to be registered prior to season start where possible
    2. New player registrations will be 11.00 on a Saturday for the Sunday
    3. Rejections due to poor photos have reduced
  2. Affiliation/Player Fees
    1. League fees will be issued in the coming weeks – need to be paid prior to season start
    2. Player fees will start in October and be issued monthly for new signings thereafter
    3. Make sure league is advised of players that leave
  3. Matchday Process
    1. Team sheets must be shown at the start of the game – failure to do so will invalidate the game
    2. NGLL to provide contact list of all teams in age group
    3. Full time must be updated fully at the end of the game (21.00 by Monday deadline) – fines will be issued if not!
  4. Referees
    1. Referees to be paid at the start of the game (£20 up to U11, £25 U12/U13 and £30 up to U16)
    2. U12 upwards has priority for referees
  5. Fixtures
    1. Fixtures are being processed this week (senior/U18 priority) then from age groups thereafter
    2. 10.00 earliest kick off with 13.00 latest kick off allowed
    3. Two “free” no sanction cancellations allowed (suggest for school holidays!) – cancellation form to be used, also need to use for bye weeks
    4. Fixture to be confirmed by home team by 21.00 on Monday – if no contact by opposition, chase and then inform league secretary
    5. No response by referees – inform Gerry by Wednesday
    6. U13 promotion relegation after first round of fixtures
  6. AOB
    1. League diary/rules to be published by next week
    2. League anticipated to finish by the end of March
    3. No consequence withdrawal from cup possibility

Fines have been mentioned repeatedly – can see them coming this season so make sure you adhere to the above